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Electronic Form Solution
Visualization & HMI Solution
Power system HMI Solution
CAD Drawing and Printing Solution

Bar code labeling Solution
Workflow Solution

Coal industry HMI Solution
Instrumentation Gauge Solution

Report Printing Solution
Graphical modeling Solution
GIS mapping solution

Visio graphics solution
Industrial control SCADA &HMI Solution
BPM business process Solution

Industrial monitoring Solution
Flowchart and diagramming Solution
Organization Diagram Solution

Graphic editor Source Code
UML drawing editor Source Code
Map Diagramming Solution

Architectural Graphic Drawing Solution
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Get Ready to Unleash the Power of UCanCode .NET

Making Your Job Easier!

"We believe that we are successful only when our customers successfully develop and deploy their applications!"

UCanCode software's technical support engineers are UCanCode product experts, committed to providing the best support in the software industry. Our engineers have been assisting software developers like you for years -- people who care about crafting code to make applications industrial strength on the outside and elegant on the inside.

Support every day, every time Every product users worldwide can choose from one of the three support options described below:

Silver Support

Silver Support is a comprehensive package for customers with strategic business systems. Customers of Silver Support receive direct MSN Online support (Skype ID:, and e-mail access to UCanCode's technical support engineers for problem resolution, bug reporting, documentation clarification, and technical guidance.
Offered 8 hours-a-day, 5 days-a-week, Monday through Friday. 
Silver Support provides the following services:

1. 90 days free Product upgrades
2. Product installation assistance
3. Help with product issues involving implementation, operation, and functionality
4. Problem isolation and identification
5. Problem resolution and workarounds
6. Error message analysis and resolution
7. Up-to-date information on current releases, product compatibility, restrictions, enhancements, and fixes, Unlimited access to our Knowledge Base

We guarantee a 24-hour (1 business day) acknowledgement and classification of a problem after it has been received. Customers in some areas may not be able to speak directly to a technical support coordinator during business hours due to some time zone differences. This will not affect the 24-hour (1 business day) acknowledgement and classification of questions. Customers will receive an acknowledgement and classification of the problem within 24 hours (1 business day) from the receipt of the incident.
Support is limited to the original source code provided with your product purchase. Any modifications or extensions of the original code become the responsibility of the user. Support is also limited to products installed and used with supported hardware, operating systems, and compilers.
* There may be times when all of our support coordinators are busy.

Gold Support

Gold Support is UCanCode's premium support offering, tailored to customers who have high availability requirements. Our team of experts is standing by, ready to help with your mission-critical projects. We want to help ensure maximum productivity and return on investment for your UCanCode products. UCanCode's Gold Support is unique in that we guarantee resolution times.
Gold Support offers everything Silver Support offers plus:
9. 7 x 8 support (7 days-a-week, 8 hours-a-day!)
10. Custom fixes for Production system down and Development stopped problems Priority routing to UCanCode's Advanced Technical Support Engineers
11. Guaranteed resolution times 16-hour acknowledgement and classification of your problem
12. With teamviewer (You can download it from:, we will support you online.

Custom Support

If neither Gold Support nor Silver Support meets your needs, UCanCode can tailor a support package for you. Just contact your account representative, and we will work with you to develop a custom support package.
Let's Work Together
When you're looking for fast answers, turn to UCanCode's Technical Support. Select the program that meets your requirements, and be confident that you'll get the help you need to meet your deadlines and complete your projects successfully!


Consulting Services from UCanCode

UCanCode Consulting Getting your Diagramming off the ground

Custom HMI and SCADA Consulting

Custom CAD and GIS Consulting

Custom Visualization ToolKit Consulting

Custom UML and BPMN Consulting

Custom any features of E-XD++ Consulting...

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