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VC++ Article: Print ListCtrl on multiple pages, CListCtrl, CListView

 By Markus Loibl

Printing the contents of a CListCtrl or CListView with multiple pages 
  • Download demo project - 56 Kb

    Sample Image - listPrint.gif

    The demo consists of a doc/view-framework with a CListView-class. It has a button to fill with data and another to print the stuff.

    The Problem

    MFC has no built-in feature for printing a List Control. Some approaches can be found on the internet but they always have the problem that if you have more columns then will fit to a single page, then the rest is clipped away and not printed.

    The Solution

    My class manages:

    • Printing a CListCtrl or CListView with support for multiple pages
    • The first column is printed again on each page
    • The width of the columns are used for printing
    • Columns can be sorted (nothing new, I know)

    My appraoch is mainly based on the fabulous work of Dan Pilat with his article Printing with MFC Made Easy.

    My work was to build a kind of wrapper over his classes and do the newpage-logic. Each single page is printed just by his classes with some overriden virtual functions.

    The printing from the CListView then looks like this:

    void CListPrintView::OnFilePrintDirect() 
    	CWaitCursor		wait;
    	CListCtrl		&listctrl = GetListCtrl();
    	CListCtrlPrintJob	job(&listctrl, !m_bUseSetup);

    The trick is to calculate a translater for Screen [Pixels] -> Printer [mm]. Then I know how much space a column needs on the paper. This helps me calculating the amount of columns that fit to a page.

    I then loop through all columns and count their width.

    When its time to begin a new one, I define a print-job the Dan Pilat way.

    void CListCtrlPrintJob::OnPrint()
    	widthOfPage = m_pListCtrl->GetColumnWidth(0);
    	iStart      = 1;
    	for( i=1 ; i<m_ColCount ; i++ )
    		widthThisCol = m_pListCtrl->GetColumnWidth(i);
    		bNewPage = FALSE;
    		if( widthOfPage+widthThisCol > paperWidthInPixel )
    			// not enough place on side, begin new one
    			bNewPage = TRUE;
    			// also print the last one
    			if( i == (m_ColCount-1) )
    				bNewPage = TRUE;
    			// this col needs this space:
    			widthOfPage += widthThisCol;
    		if( bNewPage )
    			// ok, print it on a new page
    			CListCtrlDataPage data(this, m_pListCtrl, iStart, i);
    			iStart = i+1;
    			widthOfPage = m_pListCtrl->GetColumnWidth(0);

    CListCtrlDataPage is derived from GPrintUnit and also has this print-function:

    BOOL CListCtrlDataPage::Print()
    	zeilenMax = m_pListCtrl->GetItemCount();
    	for( zeile=0 ; zeile<zeilenMax ; zeile++ )
    		nRC = StartRow();
    		// first Col
    		if( m_pListCtrl->GetItemText(zeile, 0, szText, 
                                                                 sizeof(szText)) )
    			PrintCol(colId, szText, DT_LEFT);
    		for( spalte=m_firstCol ; spalte<=m_lastCol ; spalte++ )
    			if( m_pListCtrl->GetItemText(zeile, spalte, 
                                                         szText, sizeof(szText)) )
    				PrintCol(colId, szText, DT_LEFT);

    Do you have Enchancements (e.g. a print-preview) ?



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