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VC++ MFC Tutorial: Extend CStringArray and CString

 By Anders Eriksson. 

An extended CStringArray class

  • Introduction

    One of the reasons I left C and began to use C++ was CString and even more so CStringArray. These two classes are worth all the other aggravation when going OO. I don't claim that they are perfect. There are things missing in both of those classes and I would like to share this extension of CStringArray that I have made.

  • Finding an string in a CStringArray

    One of the things that I think are missing in CStringArray is a Find method. I find myself wanting to get a specific string out of the array and I know part, or the whole, of it. Not the position in the array. So I added this method. It is very straight forward and uses CString::Find to find the string.


    	meStringArray arr;
    	// fill the array with strings using the normal Add()
    	arr.Add("This is a String");
    	arr.Add("The second string");
    	arr.Add("the 3:rd string");
    	// find the third string
       	int i=arr.Find("3:rd");
       	// i is now 2
       	CString sBuf;
       	// sBuf has now the value of "the 3:rd string"

    Array of NULL terminating strings

    Some SDK-functions and some classes still using an array of NULL terminating strings. e.g. CFileDialog uses this kind of array for the filters. GetProfileString("section",NULL,"",buf,sizeof(buf)); also uses it, and there are many more. So every time you need to use this class/function you have to go back to C and do a lot of loops. Well I finally got tired of it and extended CStringArray with two methods; AddBuf() and GetBuf(). The first will take an array of NULL terminating strings and add it to the StringArray, and the second will do the reverse

    Example GetBuf:

    	CFileDialog dlg;
    	meStringArray filter;
    	// init filter
    	filter.Add("All files");
    	filter.Add("Doc files");
    	filter.Add("Text files");
    	// Init file dialog
    	dlg.m_ofn.Flags |= OFN_SHAREAWARE;
    	int rc=dlg.DoModal();

    Example AddBuf:

    	meStringArray arr;
    	char buf[1024];
    	// Get all printer names
    	// add them to the array
    	// Get the second printer name from the array
    	CString sPrintName = arr.GetAt(2);

    Well that's it! It's not a very large class so there is not so much to say. I hope that someone will find use for this and PLEASE let me know what you think! This is the first class I ever published so please say what you think about it, good, bad.



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