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E-XD++ Enterprise Edition -- Product Information

Flexible and High-Efficient Data Structure Definition -- MVC

E-XD++ Visualization for C++ product family is a Windows and web platform c++ set of libraries bringing the power of 2D vector graphics and the convenience of GUI builders into one array of easy - to - learn products. It handles a wide range of graphic tucancode.nets, from simple form-based graphical user interfaces to complex real - time vector applications managing hundreds of thousands of objects simultaneously. If you want to add your application with vector graphics feature at any time, E-XD++ will be the best choice. Some examples of uses cases are: CAD, GIS, HMI, SCADA, Real time, Report Print, Specialized editors, control and process applications, network monitoring applications, financial applications and transportation applications.

E-XD++ Visualization ToolKit is the best choice for developing visualized application system, such as Microsoft Visio-like interactive 2D graphics and diagramming applications. E-XD++ Enterprise Edition is developed completely based on MVC (Model-View-Controller) infrastructure. It separates the model layer (data layer) and the view layer (visualized user interface layer). Data layer stores and manages data, as view layer shows all visualized objects.

This makes the development of high-Efficient and multi-conditions application system much easier. For example, when there is some change in data layer, all views related to the data layer will be informed automatically and then make corresponding changes.

E-XD++ 's canvas can be placed within any C# Windows Form, VB.NET Windows Form, Delphi Form, C++ Builder's Form, Java Application, and VC++'s dialog, VC++'s View, and VC++'s any other CWnd based window. Below is a few of them:

1. Placed within .NET Windows Form:

2. Placed within a VC++ Dialog:

3. HMI & SCADA that works with C# development platform:

The new HMI OCX C# Sample is shipped, this is the OCX Player of HMIBuilder project, you can use HMIBuilder to create HMI Project and then showing it with any .net project (C# Development) or web project, it can be used with any .NET platforms (You can find these samples within file folder: HMI_OCX):

In fact, 100% full VC++ Source Codes will be shipped with full edition. With our consulting service, you can customize any features of E-XD++ Suite.

Main features of E-XD++

100% MFC source code: Fully tested on VC 6.0 and C++ .NET

Globalization: Unicode as core encoding language. Guaranteed multi-language support.

High extension: All E-XD++'s components and their properties could be customed according to developer's requirements.

Easy to use: powerful automatic code generation tool and perfect documents. Ensure you can integrate E-XD++ fast and easily into your current system.

Powerful: E-XD++ can handle all kinds of complex GDI perfectly. It also provides powerful ability for mathematical computation. E-XD++ provides more than 270 high-extension standard C++ library and more than 200,000 lines high-quality source code, which could save you a lot of time by using the code in your development.

XD++ Development Pattern:


E-XD++ is designed to be a high-performance, modular, easy-to-use and easy-to-customize engine. Many of the classes and components in the library can be sub-classed, providing users the ability to extend and customize the library to meet their needs.


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