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HMI Graphics Component with VC++ Source Code 2023
  • Simplified Interface for Easy Editing
  • Configurable Menus and Icons
  • Configurable Object Property Pages
  • Custom Component Libraries
  • Run Mode with Live Data  
  • Windows-Platform

The HMI Software Configurator (UCanCode HMIBuilder + HMIPlayer) is a simplified HMI editor intended for use by the end-users. While the UCanCode hmibuilder Graphics Builder may be used by an application developer or systems integrator for creating elaborate visual components with complex dynamics, the goal of the HMIBuilder (Part of UCanCode HMI Solution) is to provide an end-user with an easy-to-use editor to compose custom displays using a library of pre-built components with a minimal learning curve.

With the HMIBuilder (Part of UCanCode HMI Solution), an operator can create and configure HMI displays by dragging and dropping pre-built components (Tanks, Gauge, meter, etc.) from the provided component libraries, as well as draw any graphical primitive such as a polygon, arc or text object. An operator can edit the visual appearance of objects in a drawing, browse and select data sources, as well as run the resulting HMI and animate it with live real-time data.

The HMIBuilder (Part of UCanCode HMI Solution) supports configurable menus and icons, as well as tag manager for data browsing and animation. It also allows the application designer to limit editing of visual components to the component's properties exposed by the application designer, as well as provide custom dialogs for the application-defined editing actions.

The HMIBuilder (Part of UCanCode HMI Solution) may be incorporated into an application to provide the end-user with the ability to create and edit HMI displays.
HMIBuilder Example:

Operation Interface

More than 3,000 of prebuilt dial, gauges, sliders, charts, process control and electrical diagram symbols can be used in the drawing by simply dragging and dropping them from the editor's widget palettes.
The geometry and graphical appearance of any prebuilt component can be interactively modified and saved for future use. Custom graphical symbols can be created from scratch and added to the widget palettes to facilitate component reuse.

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Powerful, flexible, and easy to use Diagram Components.
Powerful and flexible enough to create diagrams exactly the way you want them to appear. So easy to use that you will be able to prototype your application in just a few minutes



The leader in visualization component -- FULL VC++ Source Code Shipped!

XD++ Diagrammer Suite is the the world’s leading VC++ and .NET visualization component. Renowned for incredibly rich graphics, XD++ helps thousands developers build applications that offer unparalleled functionality. Outstanding productivity lowers project risk and reduces maintenance headaches. With 20 years of dedicated research and development, UCanCode leads the market for visualization technologies, providing outstanding customer support.

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1 UCanCode Advance E-XD++ CAD Drawing and Printing Solution Source Code Solution for C/C++, .NET V2023 is released!

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3 UCanCode Advance E-XD++ GIS SVG Drawing and Printing Solution Source Code Solution for C/C++, .NET V2023 is released!

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