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Why You Need XD++

.What's wrong with current GDI systems?

 Developing software is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. This is especially true of software that requires interactive graphics, form editor, or drag-and-drop functionality. This type of application must give the user the ability to view and interact with symbolic or visual representations of data. Developing this kind of software on a Windows platform generally entails working with the complex, low-level Windows Graphics Device Interface. The Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) framework provides very little aid or comfort to those faced with this, because it only provides a thin layer of abstraction over the Windows GDI and almost no additional functionality. The remedy to this situation is a flexible tool that helps developers rapidly create interactive, visual applications that are reliable and affordable.

.How does XD++ make it easier?

XD++ provides a powerful and robust framework for developing graphical, drag-and-drop applications. It is ideal for form based applications that allow users to manipulate symbolic representations of their information. XD++ saves developers valuable time and allows them to concentrate on developing their application, instead of wrestling with low-level graphics details.

XD++ provides many core classes compatible with MFC and offers more features to make developing software no such a hard thing any more . These classes derives from MFC, but provides more methods .So you can get another way to develop your software .
But the most important is that you can do your work in two ways as follow : 
1. You can build your project beyond XD++ library and get advance from this product;
2. You can build your projects with XD++ library and MFC ,combining both features, we strongly suggest this means .

With XD++ ClassWizard, you can quickly and easily build any diagramming based application without learn others.

ClassWizard As below:

.Where does XD++ fit in?

The XD++ MFC Class Library (XD++) is a sturdy layer of programs built on the Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC).  XD++ adds powerful features to your applications while shielding them from the complexity of the underlying GDI system.  XD++'s integrated collection of class libraries lets you build applications without having to start from scratch.  Instead of learning the hard way about performance pitfalls and wrestling with confusing error messages, your programmers can focus on the features of the application, not the GDI.

With XD++ you get the tools to build high-performance Flow Diagramming systems with easy way, not as an afterthought. And because XD++ is a complete, portable application framework, you can go from development of prototype to a full-scale production application in record time.

.Why Visual C++?

Visual C++ is Microsoft's premiere Windows programming environment.  While there are several interesting, up-and-coming contenders in the flow diagramming marketplace, C++ has proven itself to be the best tool available today for building large-scale, flow diagramming applications.   Although "Fourth Generation" programming environments offer features for rapid development, the end-results are often disappointing or impractical for large-scale implementations.

The XD++ class libraries sharply reduce the learning curve for C++ novices and dramatically increase the productivity for C++ experts, giving your programmers the best of both worlds.  Built on top of the Microsoft Foundation Classes, XD++ introduces a number of significant extensions to this widely used framework for application development.  In addition programmers can leverage the full range of Visual C++ add-ons, design tools, and "wizards" (graphical software utilities that automatically generate code) to develop user-friendly graphical applications.

.What is the relationship between XD++ and MFC?

The Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC) is an extensive framework for general-purpose application development that provides the foundation on which all XD++ classes are based.  But how do you use Visual C++ and MFC to build large flow diagramming applications?   None of the Microsoft-supplied samples gives you a clue.  Scribble, the main MFC sample application and tutorial, doesn't even begin to confront the problems of building flow diagramming systems.

This is where XD++ fills a large void in the Microsoft product line.  By adding literally hundreds of indispensable functions, XD++ closes the gap between MFC and real-world flow diagramming applications.  Instead of getting bogged down with generic programming issues, your programmers can use XD++ to focus on the business problems that really matter to you.

.Registering your evaluation product will give you:

  • The registered version, which comes with complete source code.
    Complete source code is included for all our MFC products ensuring that you will always have access to the latest enhancements and bug fixes. This also means you will have access to comprehensive technical support, which includes full support.

  • Freedom from run-time royalty fees.  
    Royalty free distribution means you can freely distribute your application using our products without any additional costs!  After your purchase no additional fees are required, and you can use our products indefinitely!

  • Up to date versions.  
    Unlike other solution providers, our products are continually evolving as we add new features and enhancements on a regular basic. We give you everything you need to give your application a modern and sophisticated appearance, and the ability to easily create highly flexible, customizable, and advanced GUI environments by using our Application Wizards.

  • Access to the highest quality products. 
    All of our products are well designed and are of the highest quality.

  • A robust and flexible toolkit.  
    We have a huge customer base, so our products are thoroughly tested and subjected to just about every environment imaginable.

  • The Best Prices...
    With all of the great features you will find in our products, not to mention complete source code for our MFC products and 90 days to one year of free support, you may be surprised at how reasonably our products are priced when compared to our competitors.


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