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Visual C++ Print /VC++ Printing Links

Here are some useful add-in related Visual C++ Print / VC++ Printing links I've started collecting. This section is still very much under construction, and more links will be appearing in the future. If any Visual C++/VC++ Print / Printing link dies, please contact me.

Java and .NET Printing

"Diagramming business logic when developing a custom application is a time-consuming, tedious—and necessary—process. With E-XD++ Diagramming Source Code Kit, you can spend more time focusing on the finer points of your customer's business and less time worrying about making the business process diagram look good. "

C and C++ / VC++ MFC Tools and Components

Get Business Card / Label Print Component C++ Source Codes

MFC VC++ Topics: Print a bitmap full page  

HMI-SCADA Software from UCanCode Software

VC++ MFC example: Micrsoft Visio 12 like Print Preview Source Code

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HMI Graphics Component with VC++ Source Code

Visual Studio 2013

Free Graphics and Free Meter, Free Dials with C/C++ Source Code, ActiveX Control, .NET

Visual C++ MFC Class Wizard


Visual C++ Express Download

Data Preprocessing And Visualization In C++

Indusoft - like HMI Software, SCADA System, OPC, Web Studio, Web SCADA, VC++ Source Code 2023

DXF File, Read and Draw, Import and View .NET and C++ Source Code

Add Phthon in or into C++ Application with Visual C++ Article or Tutorial Source Code

VC++ Example: splitter control in dialog UpdateWindow GetWindowRect GetDlgItem

HMI & SCADA Designer and ProgressBar

Factory Pattern in C++

C++ Blog

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Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack: MFC Visual Studio Office 2007 Style Enhancements

Printing ActiveX Controls, C++ Source Code

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High-speed Charting Control, Real Time Chart, Data Visualization, C# Source Code

Download Visual Assist

.NET HMI & SCADA Solution.

VC++ Converting ANSI to Unicode with _MSC_VER, MBCS, Multiple Byte

PID process control, Process Simulation, PLC Real Time, VC++ Source Code

Visual C++ Article: free image library with image viewer with CxImage and CListCtrl thumbnail images

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Graphics Library for WinCE, Draw Bitmap, Draw Gif, Draw Jpg with Win CE, Visual C++ Codes

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SCADA Automation Programming Tool And visualization component Control VC++ Source Code Solution

UML Diagram Component / Drawing C++ Source Code Solution from ucancode, it will save you 50% - 80% time for building any UML based application.

VC++ Tool: Visual C++ and SQL generator for ODBC Database, with source code sample

New Leading Visual C++/ VC++ Print!

VC++ Printing, VC++ MFC Printing web site
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Powerful, flexible, and easy to use Diagram Components.
Powerful and flexible enough to create diagrams exactly the way you want them to appear. So easy to use that you will be able to prototype your application in just a few minutes.

Feature rich.
With features such as automatic layout, multiple layers, collapsible sub-graphs, snap-to connection points, XML, SVG, and more, E-XD++ Have the power and flexibility you need to create sophisticated diagrams, quickly and easily. Events such as click, double-click, hover, select, rubber-band select, copy, delete, resize and move are supported. Operations such as drag-and-drop, unlimited undo/redo, and clipboard operations are common and complex, and are expected by today's sophisticated users. it full supports importing ArcGis, SVG and DXF File format.

Performance and Scalability.
UCanCode E-XD++ Capable of handling many thousands of nodes and edges, up to hundreds of thousands depending upon the complexity of the nodes you wish to draw and the operations you wish to allow. Our graphical classes are extremely lightweight objects enabling outstanding performance.

Save Time and Money and gain Reliability.
A diagram is worth 1,000 words, and E-XD++ is shipped with more than 500,000 lines of well designed and well tested code! It is used by hundreds of the world's most quality conscious companies. It will saves you thousands of hours of complex coding and years of maintenance.


Printing or VC++ Sources

  Generic Console programs

Customized Printing Dialog using PrintDlg:

This article is about how to create a customized Print Dialog. Customized dialog means the customization done with the PrintDlg(..) win32 api in Microsoft Visual C++. This article will demonstrate how to add a paper control, an Owner-Draw button that displays the paper and a ComboBox, which lists the PaperSizes, supported by the given printer. When you choose a Paper from the Paper Size list, the corresponding relative paper size is shown on the left. At the end of the article you would be able to add controls of your own and have the user input them and the application would make use of the user inputs to do the rendering. An example of an application which does customizing of the standard print dialog is Acrobat.

PrintDlg function:

PrintDlg(..) API is exported by the comdlg32.dll.The Parameter to the API is LPPRINTDLG, a pointer to PRINTDLG.

Below is the PRINTDLG structure taken from commdlg.h:-

typedef struct tagPDW {
LPCWSTR lpPrintTemplateName;

hDevMode is a handle to memory which contains the DEVMODE, this can be sent as input to the function in which case the PrintDlg api would use it to do the initialization of the Printer Property sheets. If left initialized to NULL, it would contain the DEVMODE with the user inputs made in the property sheets.

lpfnPrintHook, this contains the Hook Window Proceedure. This function will be hit whenever the user works on the Printer Dialog. This is enabled via the the PD_ENABLEPRINTHOOK flag in Flags member.

lpPrintTemplateName, this contains the name of the dialog template resource.

Steps to Create a Custom Dialog using PrintDlg

As a first step, copy the dlgs.h from the vc++ include directory to a file named printproc.rc.

The resource file has been modified to look like this:-



The below is the running version of the program.

Lets have a look at the PrintHook Proceedure:-

HWND hdlg, // handle to dialog box
UINT uiMsg, // message identifier
WPARAM wParam, // message parameter
LPARAM lParam // message parameter
case 1139:
FillPaperList(hdlg , 1139 , IDC_COMBO1);
return FALSE;
case IDC_COMBO1:
int sel = (int)SendMessage((HWND)GetDlgItem(hdlg , IDC_COMBO1 ), CB_GETCURSEL, (WPARAM)0, (LPARAM)0);
HDC hdc = GetDC(GetDlgItem(hdlg , IDC_PAPERPREVIEW));
SetMapMode(hdc , MM_ISOTROPIC);
SetWindowExtEx(hdc , MaxPaperSize , MaxPaperSize , NULL);
RECT rect;
GetWindowRect(GetDlgItem(hdlg , IDC_PAPERPREVIEW) , &rect);
int width = rect.right - rect.left;
int height = rect.bottom -;
SetViewportExtEx(hdc , width , height , NULL);
DrawPaper(hdc , pPaperSizes[sel]);
SetMapMode(hdc, MM_TEXT);
ReleaseDC( GetDlgItem(hdlg , IDC_PAPERPREVIEW), hdc);
return TRUE;
FillPaperList(hdlg , 1139 , IDC_COMBO1);
return TRUE;
if(pdis->itemAction & ODA_DRAWENTIRE)
SetMapMode(pdis->hDC , MM_ISOTROPIC);
SetWindowExtEx(pdis->hDC , MaxPaperSize , MaxPaperSize , NULL);
int width = pdis->rcItem.right - pdis->rcItem.left;
int height = pdis->rcItem.bottom - pdis->;
SetViewportExtEx(pdis->hDC , width , height , NULL);
pt.x = 2125;
pt.y = 2794;
int sel = (int)SendMessage((HWND)GetDlgItem(hdlg , IDC_COMBO1 ), CB_GETCURSEL, (WPARAM)0, (LPARAM)0);
DrawPaper(pdis->hDC , pPaperSizes[sel]);
DrawPaper(pdis->hDC , pt);
SetMapMode(pdis->hDC , MM_TEXT);
return TRUE;
return FALSE;

What the above Proceedure does:

It does three things:- 

1) WM_INITDIALOG: The Paper DropDown List is filled.

2) Whenever, the user changes the Printer in the PrinterList,it will keep the PaperList in the dropdown to the ones supported by the printer. case 1139:

    FillPaperList(hdlg , 1139 , IDC_COMBO1); return FALSE;

3) Whenever the user changes the PaperName in the PaperList, it would set the Window and ViewPort Extents in the MM_ISOTROPIC mode and then draw the relative size of the Paper. This is done in

case IDC_COMBO1:

4) WM_DRAWITEM and the ODA_DRAWENTIRE notification for the IDC_PAPERPREVIEW control, the control for displaying the relative PaperSize. The functionality is here:-

case WM_DRAWITEM: switch(wParam) { case IDC_PAPERPREVIEW: {

That almost covers 90% of what you need to customize the print dialog using printdlg function. Download the Sample code. To compile and run the program, do the following in the command line:

 1) rc printproc.rc - This compiles the resource file 

 2) cl printproc.cpp printproc.res gdi32.lib comdlg32.lib user32.lib winspool.lib - this compiles and links the exe as printproc.exe.

  Now we can Run the printproc.exe

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