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Visual Studio .NET 2023 Tutorial - Step-by-step Using Visual Studio .Net 2003, Building C++ .Net Console Application

Visual C++ 2010

IT industry is a miracle of industry, IT industry is a young industry, IT industry is a constantly updated industry. In 2009, Microsoft released Visual Studio 2010 beta1 row and two versions of Visual Studio 2010 beta2. The current version of Visual Studio 2010 the RC has been released, RC version of Visual Studio 2010  has demonstrated all of the new features and innovation, since the advent of Visual Studio 98 was launched in Visual Studio 98 -> 2002 -> 2003 -> 2005 -> 2008 -> 2010, products are almost the average depth of 2 years is necessary to update and bring the code more efficient productivity, to bring more new and convenient programmer.

In Visual Studio 2010 April 12, 2010 the world's five cities: Beijing, Las Vegas, London, Bangalore and Kuala Lumpur will also be released. As the time difference, the first time Beijing has become an absolute release of the city.We will witness this glorious moment, as Visual Studio 98 release time.

Visual C++ once in Visual Studio 6.0 Chief Programming Language, Visual C++ 6.0 is the C++ developers to use the most development tools. Visual C++ Windows platform for building applications the most powerful and most sophisticated tools, is the world's one of the most used development tools, application extremely wide range of applications from the desktop to the server process to the application software from system software, graphics images, 3D games, voice technology, device drivers, network communications, information security, encryption and decryption and so almost everywhere.3 mainstream operating system, Windows, Linux, Unix kernel with C language and are written in assembly language, advanced features top is written in C++.

In China today, Visual C++ 6.0 still holds a C++ development tools monopoly. Since Microsoft launched in 2000. NET strategy has at its core, and the default programming language is C #, C++ support to continue to decline Visual C++ Only a few small updates, like weasels get married - chipping away so that all developers feel depressed, or even suspected Visual C++ in the future. Although Visual C++ Development in some fast replaced by other development languages, C++ as a natural bonding with the operating system can be seamlessly integrated with the C language, so Visual C++ Can never be eliminated, Especially in the low-level development. And as difficult to learn VC++, so good VC++ programmers are very hard to find, and VC++ programmer salary average than any other language. Although Visual C++ Very very strong, Programming language which is worthy of the king. But Have Visual C++ 6.0 old Example Almost all Visual C++ 6.0 is depressed developers, Visual C++ 6.0 development also remain in the Windows 98 interface level, ugly and simple, ugly just to be fine, than the current unlimited Windows7 gorgeous scenery interface is simply worlds apart. Visual C++ 6.0 but not fully consistent with C++ standard.

That year Microsoft introduced the Visual 2013, when, C++ compiler has been able to and ISO C++ Maintain 98% agreement (than any previous version is closer) and the integration of language support features such as partial template-specific technology ; also includes an enhanced buffer Security Inspection and improved compiler diagnostics. At the same time can be like C++ Visual C # as development. Net, MFC and the same time. Net interoperability, due to strong C #, in the development of China. Net preferred to use C #, no one considered using C++. MFC and CLRThis advantage can be no way to be interactive applications.

To the Visual C++ 2005, Microsoft has added more improvements. For example, with a new syntax, not only appear more "elegant", but more powerful; It has new optimization technology, the program can speed up by 30%; while the new compilation model, ensure that Microsoft. NET Framework on top of generating fully comply with the CLI (Common Language Infrastructure) of verifiable code; new interop mode, which provides local and seamless integration of managed code. Compared with the previous two versions, the new compiler also includes an enhanced version of the buffer security check option, but for C++ programs generally use the library, but also a new version of security-conscious. However, more programmers to bring the trouble is, many projects are based on VC6.0, because changes in the standard programming language and not familiar with the compiler settings, often brings a host of upgrades, many people abandoned Visual C++ 2005, or use Visual C++ 6.0.

In Visual Studio 2008 to increase Ribbion enhanced MFC function, and let VC++ closer C++0 x standard. Ribbion Although the interface enhances the Visual C++ interface functions, to develop similar office2007 interface, but Ribbion visual interface design and can not bring a lot of development difficulties, the project to upgrade the standard of language brings a lot of problems. Visual C++6.0 is still dominant.

In 2009, Windows7 officially released, it drew on Windows Vista because of compatibility and failures, it has good compatibility with Windows XP and Windows Vista's gorgeous interface and has become the mainstream for today's multi-core processors optimized multi-core platforms, Windows7 performance has been far better than Windows XP, Windows7 will inevitably become the mainstream,Windows7 also have all the benefits of Windows XP, required configuration of low, stable performance, good compatibility, Windows XP in the future Also bound to rise gradually from the historical stage,Windows7 also inevitably occupy the mainstream. Office 2010 beta version also published in 2009,Microsoft's next-generation Office business software Will soon be published in 2010, which emphasizes the cloud cooperative office, is the industry's popular cloud computing model that allows more efficient office, while upgrading the security policies, enterprises in the office when the intellectual property and trade secret protection easier. And careful in Office 2010 which increased user requirements for new features and new features. Visual Studio 2010 's birth is to develop based on Windows7, Office 2010Procedures and more quick and easy development process.

Visual C++ 2010 with its predecessors, Visual C++ 6.0 to become a classic as development tools. Visual C++ 2010 start in the language level support for the latest C++ standard. In the IDE and the MFC library and so on, Microsoft is also under a great deal of effort. Visual C++ 2010 not only improved the efficiency of IDE, but also introduces many new features, the IDE can greatly enhance the development of programmers to improve efficiency and result in higher productivity and development of code and convenient.

Visual C++ 6.0 development in which the greatest disadvantage, the interface simple and ugly, although Visual C++ 2008 which Enhanced Ribbion function improved, but not visual design, Visual C++ 2010 will Ribbion added Windows 7 style interface, while the biggest innovation is the Ribbion design visualization, Ribbion as part of the resources, the operation will be the same as the control menu easy. Easy to design a nice program interface. Meanwhile Windows7InterfaceA great innovation is the super bar, Visual C++ 2010 MFC functionality in a super new tucancode.netbar support.There have been based on traditional Windows7 of MessageBox Tucancode.netDialog Instead, Visual C++ 2010 to add a C in MFC Tucancode.netDialog Class.

Visual Studio 2010 Provides many tools to help Programmer Development based on Windows 7Applications.In Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft spent much effort to make non-Managed C++ code development easier and more efficient. Updated MFC libraries and header files to fully support Windows 7,. Windows7 of UAC redirect support data, the installation program detects, the session 0 isolation, the user interface privilege isolation, the new operating system version check so new features.Windows7 developed in the multi-touch, voice recognition, speech synthesis, Tablet PC Handwriting Application, Windows Search, sensors, Encryption and decryption And so will be easier. Combined with Windows SDK for Windows7, our programmers to use Visual Studio 2010  to create support unities Develop more programs more valuable.

Similarly, we developed procedures often abnormal, abnormal, the program crashes, all data will be lost to run in the financial software, documentation software Etc. This is a fatal blow. Visual C++ 2010 adds Restart Manager Support Support the program, when abnormal, can save the run-time data Automatically revert to the situation when no abnormal. Improve the robustness and reliability of the program. Visual C++ 2010 Also increases the security check code, improve code stability and security, less abnormal and overflow.

Visual Studio 2010StartNew standard on C++ C++0 x's full support, will never again be the same as Visual C++ 6, on the C++ standards support poor. C++ introduced a lot of new features, these new features to bring C++ to enhance performance and greater efficiency. And upgraded in the project made a great improvement on the previous Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2005, when upgrading VC6.0, often encounter new language features of C++ standards compliance issues Visual Studio 2010Will be compatible with VC6.0, and even Visual Studio 2008,2005,2003 development program for code conversion and upgrade project compiler settings automatically change when the C++ language compatible with the previous development tool development program Visual Studio 2010Will no longer appear compatibility problems and failures. Those already existing non-hosted applications, through a certain treatment can also haveWindows7Brought features. All old items are used Visual Studio 2010 For compatibility upgrade.

At the same time In the IDE, the Microsoft Visual C++ build system integrated into the MSBuild in VCBuild; with the background compiler, Visual C++ in the IntelliSense is more intelligent, able to handle more documents, more complex projects.

Multi-Targeting Visual Studio has as an important feature, vigorously promoted by Microsoft. Because it makes "a code to run on multiple platforms" as possible. This gives programmers brought great convenience, no more confusion for the target machine platform and headache. However, in Visual Studio before, Multi-Targeting feature is only supported in host languages, you can target different. NET Framework version. Now in Visual Studio 2010, with the MSBuild applications Also supportLocal code of Multi-Targeting.

Visual Studio 2010  support Multi-core hardware resource management, and Concurrency Runtime to allow the Scheduler. Visual Studio 2010 's C++ compiler for Intel, AMD has done a great multi-core processors optimization and improved efficiency in the implementation of the key advantages of better play and more, faster, smaller, so that now the mainstream of the dual-core, quad-core CPU to play peak performance. And can develop parallel programming, and multi-threaded development easier, more efficient implementation, Added Parallel programming Debugging, You can debug a number of parallel threads to monitor. In Local C++ library, can Using the Lambda function, and to match with the STLSeamless integration.

At the same time Visual Studio 2010 changes depend on the Visual C++ library application form issued. Dependent on the Visual C++ library of applications no longer need Fusion (WinSxS) Manifest, which means that when we deploy an application to a local folder, it will no longer need a large number of small Manifest, copy only the MFC and C++ run time Library mfc100u.dll and msvcr100.dll two dll files to the Release folder on it. In addition, Visual Studio 2010 also supports a variety of pre-deployment mechanisms, such as merge modules (. Msm) and VCRedist. The old method will be installed in the System32 directory Visual C++ library. In conclusion, Visual C++ program will launch and deployment easier.

Visual C++ 2010Also for the developers to do a lot of human design, the previous Visual C++ Version, often suspended animation, for example, edit the header file, change the project settings, configure the physical distribution of the project, New controls and so on. Microsoft has done a lot of adjustment, will not allowVisual C++ 2010 stuck at the same time with the new intelligent IntelliSense, is far better than almost every use now Visual C++ 6.0 programmer to install the Visual Assist.

Visual Studio 2010  is to Windows7 and raw, powerful features and its new features, new technology allows us to see the northern lights as if the same dizzying, the explosion of knowledge in today's twenty-first century, only to learn new knowledge and new skills can now be on the development of the times.

With these reasons, Visual C++ developer, you have no reason not to upgrade to Visual C++ 2010 What?

If you are using Visual C++6.0 to Visual C++ developer, you do not upgrade to Visual C++ 2010 HaveFollowing disadvantages,

If you are using Visual C++ 2003,2005,2008 of Visual C++ developer, you do not upgrade to Visual C++ 2010 Some consequences can refer to the following Visual C++ 6.0 not upgrade consequences.

Bullied by others, this lesson is not who do not know, hope that the majority Visual C++ programmer, to upgrade to Visual C++ 2010 Into the next generation development platform, to achieve a modern IDE, and multi-core CPU Windows7 seize the tremendous opportunities for innovative, in their greater career development!

The author monograph "Visual C++ 2010 Development The Definitive Guide," forthcoming, so stay tuned, Visual C++ 2010 recent technology, Windows7 develop the latest technology!

Powerful, flexible, and easy to use Diagram Components.
Powerful and flexible enough to create diagrams exactly the way you want them to appear. So easy to use that you will be able to prototype your application in just a few minutes.

Feature rich.
With features such as automatic layout, multiple layers, collapsible sub-graphs, snap-to connection points, XML, SVG, and more, E-XD++ Have the power and flexibility you need to create sophisticated diagrams, quickly and easily. Events such as click, double-click, hover, select, rubber-band select, copy, delete, resize and move are supported. Operations such as drag-and-drop, unlimited undo/redo, and clipboard operations are common and complex, and are expected by today's sophisticated users. it full supports importing ArcGis, SVG and DXF File format.

Performance and Scalability.
UCanCode E-XD++ Capable of handling many thousands of nodes and edges, up to hundreds of thousands depending upon the complexity of the nodes you wish to draw and the operations you wish to allow. Our graphical classes are extremely lightweight objects enabling outstanding performance.

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A diagram is worth 1,000 words, and E-XD++ is shipped with more than 500,000 lines of well designed and well tested code! It is used by hundreds of the world's most quality conscious companies. It will saves you thousands of hours of complex coding and years of maintenance.

4.12 a time when Microsoft VS2010 General Assembly, please attend! A detailed description of the book will be the venue!

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