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Electronic Form Solution
Visualization & HMI Solution
Power system HMI Solution
CAD Drawing and Printing Solution

Bar code labeling Solution
Workflow Solution

Coal industry HMI Solution
Instrumentation Gauge Solution

Report Printing Solution
Graphical modeling Solution
GIS mapping solution

Visio graphics solution
Industrial control SCADA &HMI Solution
BPM business process Solution

Industrial monitoring Solution
Flowchart and diagramming Solution
Organization Diagram Solution

Graphic editor Source Code
UML drawing editor Source Code
Map Diagramming Solution

Architectural Graphic Drawing Solution
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VC / VC++ Articles Links

Here are some useful add-in related C/VC++ Articles links I've started collecting. This section is still very much under construction, and more C/VC++ Articles links will be appearing in the future. If any link dies, please contact me.

Only the Best C/C++ Articles Website!
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E-XD++ Visualization ToolKit Enterprise Edition  is the the world’s leading MFC/C++ visualization component. Renowned for incredibly rich graphics, E-XD++ helps developers build applications that offer unparalleled functionality. Outstanding productivity lowers project risk and reduces maintenance headaches. With 8 years of dedicated research and development, UCanCode leads the market for visualization technologies, providing outstanding customer support. with E-XD++ Enterprise you can easily build Visio 2003 like applications.

Print Class Library, Graph Component, Graph Source Code, Diagramming Component, Diagramming MFC Source Code, Diagramming

An easy-to-use MFC extension library that enables Windows developers to deliver their applications with a professional and user-friendly interface. MFC Source Code, MFC Extensions, MFC Controls, MFC Class Library, MFC Component, MFC ToolKit, Print Controls, Print Component, 
“A Brief Look at C++0x” (01/19/2007) 
“A Brief Look at C++0x,” by Bjarne Stroustrup, original creator of the C++ programming language. The article outlines the guiding principles of work on C++0x and gives a sneak peek at the next version of the C++ standard, expected to be finished in 2009.  
“Bulletproofing C++ Code” (01/19/2007) 
“Bulletproofing C++ Code,” by Sergei Sokolov, Solution Manager at Parasoft. Sokolov describes four strategies for reducing the risk of errors in C++ when multiple programmers try to extend existing code, and for improving the stability of the evolving code base.
Codeguru (01/19/2007) 
Codeguru is a site for developers. Provides many articles on a wide range Visual C++ and C++ topics including properties in C++, multithreaded applications and some video tutorials. Includes user ratings for most of the posts.  
Compiling and Linking (09/11/2006) 
Explains how to use compiling and linking to create an executable C++ program.  
Run-Time Error Checking Comes to Compilers (09/11/2006) 
Article: “Run-Time Error Checking Comes to Compilers,” by Steve Apiki. Discusses the integration of run-time error checkers directly into the Borland C++ and Microsoft VC++ IDEs. 

C++ Article STL Iterator and the VC++ MFC Iterator

Direct2D Vector Graphics Rendering with Visual C++, MFC

C++ Article: Compuware, BoundsChecker, Tracking GDI resource memory leaks

Free EMF to SVG File Convert Tool

Date-Time Edit Control A simple mucancode.neted date-time editor. VC++ Article Source Code and GetWindowText

VC++ Article: Converting Wav file to MP3 or other format using DirectShow with source code

GIS and GPS Mapping Software for .NET

Database Programming with C/C++, with mySQL

C++ Blog

Create Multiple Language to MFC Extension DLL Toolkit with Resource only

GetDeviceType and _splitpath with lstrlen and lstrcat

Visual C++ Article: free image library with image viewer with CxImage and CListCtrl thumbnail images

OpenGL Line draw, 2D Graphics, and Render Article and Samples Code

Call JavaScript from Visual C++ and MFC, Article and Example

OpenGL printing and Print Preview with Visual C++

VC++ Logical Circuit Simulator Source Codes

VC++ MFC Project Setting, Unicode, MBCS,_MBCS or _UNICODE, wWinMainCRTStartup


MFC Article: Create toolbar with SetButtons and SetButtonInfo and OnNotify

3D font OpenGL ActiveX Control with Visual C++ Source Code

.NET HMI Control Solution.

C++ Barcode source codes with draw Code39 Code93 AND Code128A  Code128B with Code128C

MFC Example: CreateFile and WriteFile with save memory dc to bitmap file

VC++ Code: Drag and Drop File in Dialog with WM_DROPFILES and WM_NCLBUTTONDOWN

OPC Client, OPC Server and OPC Component in C++ Source Code

Draw, Print and encode UPCA barcode and UPCE barcode, and EAN13 barcode with VC++ Codes

Store and read from XML File with .NET and C# framework, C++/MFC Example

MFC Example: Docking CSizingControlBar Windows inside ActiveX Control with CFrameWnd and SetTimer

Draw Curve Line with VC++/MFC visualization Control

Open Souce VC++ Code  and MFC Code Site, VC++ FAQ Site and Tutorial Site

Add Phthon in or into C++ Application with Visual C++ Article or Tutorial Source Code

GDI+ Example:  Draw Curve ActiveX Control GraphicsPath and Graphics

VC++ Control: Spell Checker Control Source Code

AfxGetStaticModuleState and LoadLibrary of GetProcAddress and FreeLibrary MFC ARTICLE with LOAD DLL

VC++ Article: CTreeCtrl and GetRootItem, GetItemRect and GetNextItem with Printing Tree View and CreateBitmap

VC++ Article: DECLARE_SERIAL and IMPLEMENT_SERIAL and serialize data from or to disk

MFC visualisation software: Create and draw Thumbnail View with CWinApp and CDocTemplate and CMultiDocTemplate

MFC Library Article: Create Database with SQL Server and ADO Stored Procedures

Draw or Paint Spline Curve Line with VC++ Source Code

VC++ Article: Draw Image Background and CScrollView text with bitmap brush and PreCreateWindow

VC++ Code: Change the font of window with SetFont and EnumChildWindows and CreateIconFromResource

VC++ Example: Draw or display Real-time data plot Chart

.NET HMI & SCADA Solution.

MFC GDI+ Sample: gdiplus.lib with GdiplusStartupInput and GdiplusStartup with GdiplusShutdown

Visual C++ Example: Load DIB Bitmap File and Save Bitmap file and Convert dib to bitmap and rotate bitmap file

MFC Source Code: Draw Text with GetCurrentFont, GetTextExtent and GetLogFont and MoveToEx

MFC Sample Code: TrackMouseEvent and GetCapture or SetCapture and ReleaseCapture and GetCursorPos

VC++ Example: Load or Save Dib Bitmap File, GetScrollPosition and FillRgn or CombineRgn and Create Cursor

VC++ Sample: ExtSelectClipRgn or IntersectClipRect, ExcludeClipRect and OffsetClipRgn or GetMetaRgn with InvalidateRect

MFC Example Retrieve color from desktop with CreateDC and GetCursorPos, GetPixel

VC++ Article: Calculate the width of text with GetTextExtentPoint32, DT_CALCRECT and GetCharABCWidths

LoadResource FindResource and LockResource, with UnlockResource or VC++ Sample

MFC Example Multiple monitor support with GetSystemMetrics EnumDisplayMonitors and GetMonitorInfo

VC++ Sample: Multiple Views layout of RepositionBars and DeferWindowPos with RecalcLayout and UpdateAllViews

VC++ MFC Example: Create or show Progress Bar/Edit Control/Combobox Control/icon in a status bar

MFC Example: Rows of CToolBar and CToolBarCtrl, with CalcDynamicLayout, with SetRows CBRS_ALIGN_TOP , CBRS_SIZE_DYNAMIC and FloatControlBar

VC++ Example Capture Print Screen to Clipboard including dropdown menu, SetWindowsHookEx and UnhookWindowsHookEx, with RegisterWindowMessage

CAD Control and ActiveX Software Example (Free Trial and 100% C++ Source Codes)

Converter Convert RTF to HTML with VC++ Source Codes, and RICHED32.DLL

VC++ Ado Tutorial with VC++ Ado Sample and VC++ Ado Example

Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack: MFC Visual Studio Office 2007 Style Enhancements

High-speed Charting Control, Real Time Chart, Data Visualization, C# Source Code

CAM simulator Sample with VC++ MFC Source Code

VC++ Article: CListCtrl, CListView to displaying jpeg image thumbnails with PaintLib


1 UCanCode Advance E-XD++ CAD Drawing and Printing Solution Source Code Solution for C/C++, .NET V2023 is released!

2 UCanCode Advance E-XD++ HMI & SCADA Source Code Solution for C/C++, .NET V2023 is released!

3 UCanCode Advance E-XD++ GIS SVG Drawing and Printing Solution Source Code Solution for C/C++, .NET V2023 is released!

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