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Free VC++ Tutorials UI / GDI Examples

This web site provides lessons and links on how to exploit the MFC library, including its use in MS Visual Studio and its implementation of the C++ programming language.

"100% source code provided! Free you from not daring to use components because of unable to master the key technology of components!"

Microsoft Visual C++ is a programming environment used to create computer applications for the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems. To assist it, the Microsoft Foundation Class Library, or MFC, was created as an adaptation of Win32 in MS Visual Studio.

Below are the list of these VC++ Tutorials Codes:

VC++ MFC Tutorial: GDI Objects

E-XD++ GDI Drawing Example: Drawing Wave Shape

E-XD++ GDI Drawing Example: Drawing UML Actor Shape

E-XD++ UML Drawing Example: Drawing UML Package Shape

E-XD++ UML Drawing Example: Drawing UML Component Shape

GDI Example: Add and Draw US flag with E-XD++, five star shape

VC++ Example: Drawing an Arrow Line with Source Code

VC++ Tutorial /Database Print

E-XD++ UML Drawing FlowChart Example: Drawing UML Note Shape

Visual C++/MFC Tutorial - Lesson 1: Behind the Scenes with Handles and Post Messages

Customized Printing Dialog using PrintDlg

Visual C++ Tutorial: Visual C++ Debug / VC++ Debug / MFC Debug

MFC Tutorial: MFC Printing

Runtime class information using CRuntimeClass in MFC

Unicode Programming in MFC

GDI+ Examples: Drawing Column Chart

C/C++ Drawing BarCode Tutorials

GDI Example: Transparent Bitmap - True Method

GDI+ Example: Using GDI+ Brushes to Draw Text

Visual C# Samples: Scribble Sample - Visual C# MDI Drawing

MFC Example: Print Preview in MFC - Dialog

MFC Example: Using MFC For Drag '& Drop, Cut, Copy, and Paste

Visual C++ MFC Tutorials: CZoomView / A class that provides "zoom" feature

Visual C++ Examples: A fully customizable Property Grid, Grid Control, Property Window, Property Control with VC++ source codes.

MFC Examples: MFC Solution to Explanding the CFileDialog Common Dialog

MFC GDI Tutorials: GDI Printing, GDI+ Printing

ActiveX Control Tutorial, COleControl

VC++ Tutorials: Visual C++ DLL: How to build a resource-only DLL?

Visual c++ character sets, Unicode, _MBCS

MFC Topics: CTreeCtrl, CListCtrl, SetItemData, GetItemData, InsertItem

MFC Programming: MFC Tab Control, CTabCtrl

Visual C++ Example: Multiple CRectTracker Drawing

Visual C++ Example: Transparent MFC CSliderCtrl Source Code

Visual C++ Example: MFC Bitmap Button Source Code (CButton)

Visual C++ CComboBox: Auto-complete ComboBox

Visual C++ / VC++ MFC Printing Class Library

Cool office XP Style Menu, Icon Menu and Bitmap Menu, CMenu

Visual C++ Example: How to swap two items of  CListView, GetItem, GetItemState

Cool MFC Font Combo Box with source codes (CComboBox)

MFC GUI Framework: inside Atl & dll server

Visual C++ Example: MFC XML Serialize

Visual C++ Example: DXF File Drawing, load, write

GDI+ Examples: GDI+ Line/Curve Drawing and Hit Test CObject and CObArray

CDC Examples: Drawing vertical text

Visual C++ Drawing Example: Anti-Alias C++ Drawing

MFC CListCtrl: Print the contents of the list control

MFC SetTimer: WM_TIMER with VC++ Sample Source Code

VC++ Example: Quick Draw Image Stretching Technique, StretchBlt Dib

VC++ Example: OnPreparePrinting and OnBeginPrinting and OnEndPrinting, Plug-in class to support printing from a listview

MFC VC++ Topics: Getting the location of a printer device

MFC VC++ Topics: Print a bitmap full page

VC++ Example: Com Programming

VC++ Example: Creating a CTabCtrl Application

C++ Example: Geometry Concepts Line Intersection and its Applications

VC++ Tutorial: High quality image rotation (rotate by shear)

MFC Example: CFile and Creating a File, Open, Write, CFile::modeCreate, CFile:: modeReadWrite

MFC Example: CStdioFile-derived class for multibyte and Unicode reading and writing

VC++ MFC Example: Paint and draw source code, CClientDC

VC++ MFC Tutorial: A simple intorduction to using the MFC collections CArray, CList and CMap, Free Source Code Download

VC++ MFC Tutorial: Free Drawing Printing ActiveX Control that use GDI+

Visual Studio .NET 2003 Tutorial - Step-by-step Using Visual Studio .Net 2003, Building C++ .Net Console Application

VC++ MFC Example: The CPageSetupDialog Class

VC++ MFC Tutorial: The CPrintDialog Class

VC++ Sample Code: CFindReplaceDialog, CFrameWnd

Drawing Tutorial for Visual C++ 2005  


UCanCode Advance E-XD++ CAD Drawing and Printing Solution Source Code Solution for C/C++, .NET V2022 is released!

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