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UCanCode Software focuses on general application software development. We provide complete solution for developers. No matter you want to develop a simple database workflow application, or an large flow/diagram based system, our product will provide a complete solution for you. Our product had been used by hundreds of top companies around the world!

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VC++ MFC Tutorial: GDI Objects


1.Device Context and GDI Objects

2.VC++ MFC GDI Tutorial: CDC, FromHandle, CreateDC, DeleteDC

3.VC++ MFC Tutorial: GDI, Paint, CPaintDC, OnPaint, WM_PAINT

4.VC++ MFC Tutorial: OnPrepareDC, LPtoDP, GetDC

5.VC++ MFC Tutorial: GDI, CWindowDC, GetWindowDC, ReleaseDC, 

6.VC++ MFC Tutorial: GDI, Metafile, m_hAttribDC, CreateEnhanced, CopyMetaFile, Free Source Code Download

7.VC++ MFC Tutorial: GDI, CDC, R2_NOTCOPYPEN, R2_XORPEN, SetROP2, SetPolyFillMode, Free Source Code Downloads

8.VC++ MFC Tutorial: GDI,SetMapMode,Coordinate,MM_TEXT,MM_TWIPS,SetWindowOrg,SetViewportOrg,  Free Source Code Download

9.VC++ MFC Tutorial: GDI,Coordinate,map,DPtoLP,LPtoDP,SetWorldTransform,  Free Source Code Download

10.VC++ MFC Tutorial: FillRect,RillRgn,FrameRgn,InvertRgn,DrawIcon,DrawDragRect, Free Source Code download

11.VC++ MFC Tutorial: SelectObject, SaveDC, SelectClipRgn,Free Source Code Download

12.VC++ MFC Tutorial: CDC,GetCurrentPosition,SetArcDirection,Polyline,RoundRect,Chord,PolyPolygon, Free Source Code Download

13.VC++ MFC Tutorial: CDC,ExtTextOut,GetOutputTextExtent,SetTextAlign,StretchBlt,SetStretchMode,TabbedTextOut,  Free Source Code Download

14.VC++ MFC Tutorial: GDI,Drawing,CGdiObject,CreateStockObject,DeleteObject,CreatePenIndirect, Free Source Code Download

15.VC++ MFC Tutorial: GDI,LoadOEMBitmap,SetBitmapBits,CreateBitmapIndirect,HBITMAP,  Free Source Code Download

16.VC++ MFC Tutorial: GDI,CFont,CreateFontIndirect,CreatePointFont,LOGFONT,  Free Source Code Download

17.VC++ MFC Tutorial: GDI,CPalette,CreatePalette,CreateHalftonePalette,HPALETTE,  Free Source Code Download

18.VC++ MFC Tutorial: GDI,CRgn,CreateRectRgn,CreateEllipticRgn,CreatePolygonRgn,CombineRgn,RectInRegion,Free Source Code Download

19.VC++ MFC Tutorial: GDI, OLE Control

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Introduction to GDI+ in .NET

GDI+ Font, Brush and Bitmap

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GDI+ Printing.

GDI+ and DrawArc and DrawPath

GDI+ Color and ARGB with Example

Context and GDI Objects

Drawing and graphics has special significance in almost every Windows application; MFC applications are no exception to this rule.

The Windows Graphics Device Interface (GDI) capabilities are encapsulated in two families of MFC classes. Device context classes provide an encapsulation of GDI device contexts and most drawing functions; GDI object classes encapsulate GDI objects such as pens, brushes, bitmaps, or fonts.

As in non-MFC Windows applications, drawing to an output device consists of obtaining the appropriate device context, setting up GDI drawing objects, performing drawing operations, and cleaning up. The MFC framework greatly simplifies these steps by assuming many of the more mundane responsibilities that used to befall on the application developer. For example, you can construct a pen object by passing the appropriate parameters to the Cpen constructor function:

Cpen myPen(PS_SOLID, 0, RGB(255, 0, 0));

and never worry about it afterwards; the GDI pen object is destroyed automatically by the Cpen destructor when the Cpen object goes out of scope.

As is the case with windows and CWnd objects, there is a distinction between the MFC (CDC- or CGdiObject-derived) object and the actual device context or GDI object in Windows. Constructing the MFC object does not automatically imply construction of an underlying Windows object. On the contrary, it is a legitimate practice to construct a blank MFC object first and later associate it with the Windows object as the need arises.

In this chapter, we first focus our attention on device contexts, which serve as the "canvas" onto which drawing takes place. Actual drawing operations (functions such as Rectangle, Ellipse, or DrawText) are also encapsulated in the CDC class and are discussed here. In the second part of this chapter, we shift our focus to classes that encapsulate GDI objects, which represent drawing tools.

MFC Example, and free VC++ Source Code Download

Using GDI+ with MFC or native C/VC++

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CAM simulator Sample with VC++ MFC Source Code

Full Screen with CWnd and Diagram Like Microsoft Visio 2007


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